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One Bundle of fresh spinach that is grown and harvested on our farm in Western NC. A powerhouse green that will provide wonderful nutrients to your dishes and smoothies! 

Storage & handling tips: 
Resist washing spinach until you’re ready to use it, as moisture will make it go bad more quickly. It needs to be washed several times to remove any sand or dirt from the field. The best method we 
find is to fill your sink with shallow water, dip your spinach leaves side down into the water, drain the sink, and rinse again until the water is clear. To store spinach, wrap it in a paper towel, cover it with a plastic bag, and refrigerate it. As we stated previously, spinach is best eaten right away, however, if you need to save it until later,  it will keep for 3 to 5 days when stored in this manner. Don’t throw away wilted spinach, it can be frozen and used in egg dishes, smoothies, and other foods.

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