Porcelain Pottery Scalloped Square Buttons (Set of 2)

Porcelain Pottery Scalloped Square Buttons (Set of 2)

Groovy Girl Art & Studio

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Approximately 1 ½”-1 ¾” wide, each button is stamped with unique texture, bisque fired, glazed and fired one final time to insure strength and durability. The front of each button is glazed while the back and sides show the beauty of natural clay.

Embellish jeans, denim jackets, hats, scarves and more.  Create your own art by using them to make jewelry, windchimes and more.

Because they are handmade, each button is unique and will vary in color and shape.  While the buttons are machine washable (if clothing is turned inside out to protect the buttons), it is recommended to hand wash garments.

Made with North Carolina clay.

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