Winding Road Apiaries

Winding Road Apiaries is a local producer of honey. Our honey is pure and unfiltered. We gather and extract in small batches to provide many varitals of honey based on the season and what the bees produce. This can yield many hues of amber from very light to very dark. Each will have its own taste ranging from the brightness of spring wild flowers to deep riches of sumac and poplar along with the infamous sourwood honey from the indigenous sourwood trees.We will offer what honey is produced for the season as it will vary from season to season. Our hives are located in various places in Burke and Caldwell counties so you will get the goodness of locally produced honey. Our bees are managed sustainably and naturally without any treatments whatsoever. This is a rarity in beekeeping. We are inspected annually by the NC State Bee Inspector.

We will also have other honey/beeswax products as available.

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